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Carbohydrate Structure

Carbotang Biotech Co Ltd was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Jinan, China. It is a Sino-European JV company between Carbosynth and Shengquan focussing on cost effective manufacture of speciality carbohydrates, nucleosides and reagents. We have a dedicated team of professionals working to deliver a competitive range of high quality products. The scale of manufacture is from grammes to tonnage which is supported by well equipped synthetic labs, kilo labs and production plant. The products are marketed by Carbosynth to the science industries worldwide.

The Carbotang products have a variety of applications including precursors for carbohydrate-based drugs such as antiviral nucleoside analogues. Other products find applications in detection of enzyme activity and for quantification bacterial infection in food and environmental samples. Another important class of compounds are carbohydrate-based detergents used in molecular biology and high end cosmetics.

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